Bando TRAMPOLINO Vetrina 2022

The Bando Trampolino is the most important action promoted by A.C.C.I Associazione Circo Contemporaneo Italia, with the aim of showing, enhancing and contributing to spread the Italian authorship and the variety of the circus language.

Ultimo Punto, as a member of A.C.C.I., adheres to the project Trampolino Vetrina by hosting the winning shows at the 2022 edition of Artisti in Piazza, from June 1st to 5th, offering them the opportunity to perform in front of a heterogeneous audience and many Italian and international cultural operators.

The winning shows have to be produced within the last two years and with a maximum duration of 30 minutes, the result of a staging with a short form or an extract of a work of greater length. The selected show must have an exhaustive form and dramaturgical coherence, in order to represent in a complete way, even if not complete, the creative process of the company.

The results will be published on Friday, May 6.

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Winners list

Compañia Depáso – The Spinning Top

Compania Depaso - La trottola - Bando Trampolino Vetrina 2022

The Italo-Chilean company presents its aerial acrobatic show “La Trottola”, two beings playing at defying gravity, flight as their favourite pastime.

They spin in the air like wild peaks, they let themselves be transported by the inertia of movement and by surprise, they choose the unexpected, they face the difficulties of keeping the path towards their own desires, they explore and savor the great mystery of taking their feet off the ground.

A contemporary circus show that investigates the poetic subtleties in the wonder of aerial movement.

Original idea: Jose Cerecéda, Clara Larcher
Costumes: Tresde Galaz, Thiara Catalina
Photos: Gerardo Angiulli
Video: Valerie Loewensberg

Kolektivo Konica – The tip of my nose

Kolektivo Konica - La punta - Vincitore bando Trampolino Vetrina 2022


We go back to the origins to reconstruct a common memory.

Habits with no apparent sense, which however give logic to our way of being. Six bodies at play, six worlds drifting towards a shared reality. We help each other, support each other, carry each other around, push and slide.
Hand to hand and singing as an opportunity to warp everything and invite you to get to know our peculiarities up close.

Performers: Candela Casas, Elisa Strabioli, Greta Marí, Júlia Clarà Badosa, Michela Fiorani, Shakti Olaizola
Direction: Francesca Lissia
Comedy director: Jimena Cavalletti
Coach: Fernando Melki
Production: Anna Castillo (Kolektivo Konika)
Music: Shakti Olaizola, Sara Martínez, Mar-i-Cel Borràs, Cecilia Tallo
Lighting: Natalia Ramos
Costumes: Fil-i-Berta
Set Design: Betty Cau
Photography: Clara Pedrol
Graphic and video design: Ivan Izaguirre y El Gato Productions
Subsidized by: Gobierno Vasco
Other collaborators: Travesía Pyrénées de Cirque, La Centra del Circ, L’Estruch Fabrica de creació, Territorio Circo, La Grainerie, Cronopis Espai de Circ, Karola Zirko Espazio, Tub d’Assaig, Roca Umbert Fàbrica de Arts

Teatro del Sottosuolo – Paidia

Teatro del sottosuolo - Paidia - Vincitori bando Trampolino Vetrina 2022

Paidia is a show with the flavor of nonsense and a noir aftertaste.
A touch of madness, a propensity to find oneself poised between thrill and error, a complicity in preferring the last and an indispensable intellectual curiosity have given life to this creation of contemporary circus. Circus techniques and experiments with juggling and acrobatic bicycle express the nuances of danger and fun. The music is original and played live, we create and mix it. Just as we hybridize clubs and targets, we superimpose fiction over reality.

Don’t look for a why, a logical thread in what you are seeing, this is just a game.

Creators and performers: Ado Sanna and Lorenzo Gessa
External look: Edoardo Demontis
Lights: Gerardo Gouvella
Costumes: Quirra Design
Live Music: Lorenzo Gessa
Midi Music: Lorenzo Crivellari
Place of residence: Campidarte, Su Tzirkulu, EX ART
Production: Teatro del Sottosuolo
Artistic collaborators: Vincenzo De Rosa ,Daniel Dwerryhouse, Simone Perra, Catia Castagna, Claudio Faina, Alessio Rundeddu, Lupa Maimone

Teatro Viaggiante – T.O.M. / The Old Man

Teatro Viaggiante TOM - Vincitore del bando Trampolino Vetrina 2022

A man, who does not hide his experience, nor his extroverted character, involves the audience from the first moments in a play with himself, his body, the objects that surround him, his inspirations.

The protagonist is a mime, a rhythmic juggler, a skater, a tightrope walker, a refined performer of the new circus. He walks on the sphere, then he loads it on his back, he becomes different creatures, he proposes divertissements, clowning, he walks on the bins, then he makes them dance and dances with them, then he overpowers and tames them. He plays with a particular hula hoop, as a child would do with his own. He puts himself at stake in front of himself, for himself, with himself, he feeds himself and does not switch off.

This is how this show begins and ends, like a flow, in which we are catalyzed in the interweaving of creative ideas, involved as if the protagonists were us.

With: Edoardo Mirabella
Idea and direction: Edoardo Mirabella
Assistant director and supervision: Elisabetta Cavana, Gaby Schmutz, Mauro Buttafava
Lights: Mauro Buttafava Music direction: Edoardo Mirabella Costumes: Olivia Grandy Set design: Elisabetta Cavana, Mauro Buttafava, Edoardo Mirabella
Video and filming: Stefano Forno
Administration and production: Il Teatro Viaggiante