Cosmic Fringe Radio / on air


What is CFR?

Cosmic Fringe Radio is a community-based, ad-free, non-profit web radio that aims to promote border music and culture.
CFR was born thanks to the experience gained in over 25 years of festivals and events attended and organized in Pennabilli, in Valmarecchia and around the world by the Pennabilli Ultimo Punto Cultural Association and above all thanks to the fervent community that moves around the festivals Artisti in the Piazza, Pennabilli Django Festival and the activities of the Ultimo Punto association in Pennabilli (RN).

Contents and programs

The radio programming is made by professional and passionate DJs, musicians, artistic directors and collaborators who are passionate about music, theater, contemporary circus and culture in general that we met during our long and fun journey.

In CFR, when there are no radio shows and live shows on the program, an eclectic selection of music is broadcast non-stop and without commercial interventions. The proposed songs are selected thanks to over 25 years of attendance and organization of concerts and events on the edge of the mainstream. The CFR playlist currently includes over 3,000 songs, is constantly evolving and can be enriched, refined and improved, also thanks to the contribution of listeners and the radio community.

In fact, it will soon be possible to give a vote to the songs in rotation, moreover the editorial staff of CFR will welcome new proposals to be put in rotation in the radio programming. The proposals that arrive at the radio’s editorial staff will be subjected to a first selection by the CFR DJ team, then they will be pre-selected for registered users and if they have a sufficient evaluation, they will subsequently be included in the CFR programming.
To this playlist, made up of wonderful bands more or less unknown to the general public, we combine a mix of songs that are pleasant to listen to and that have helped to form that great source of vibrations called contemporary music.

The goal is to spin the music that is marginalized by large productions, rarely programmed on traditional listening media and at the same time have a stimulating, original music program, full of new proposals and pleasant to listen to.

CFR is a new channel for oxygenating the brain, an antioxidant for rusted ears from the mainstream.

CFR for Artisti in Piazza

On the occasion of Artisti in Piazza – Pennabilli Festival, the usual programming will be flanked by in-depth broadcasts led by artists and special guests, live highlights of the current edition, interviews with participants and much more. It will be an opportunity to further spread the vibrations of the Festival and to discuss together the shows of each edition!