Orto delle Idee – in Orto dei Frutti Dimenticati – n°13

A place where kids and families can get closer to the world of art and circus, among the ancient trees of the Forgotten Fruits’ Garden!
Everyday experiments and acrobatic, dances, music and juggling workshops.
Organized by Rimini Circus and Francesco Pignatelli aka Jbex.

Playground for kids and adults  – in Giardinetti – n° 2

Wooden games to test agility, balance and dexterity;
old bicycles turned into real “machines” of smile.
Organized by CaiMercati and Vola Velò.

AUGH! – in Amphitheater – n°20

a telegiornalistic editorial office made by children and young people, who will work to keep you update on the events of the Festival. All children can participate by enrolling directly at the office.
Organized by Chiocciola la casa del nomade.

AVMobile – in Piazza due pioppi – n° 25

A mobile truck arriving from France, offers adults and children animated movie theater, stop-motion and other optical spells.
Organized by Annetta Zucchi – Les Ateliers Vagabonds.