The Kiu Records was born in 2002 and it is the Record Label of the Associazione Culturale Ultimo Punto.
The Record Label is no profit and originally it was created to produce the Artisti In Piazza Festival’s Cd Compilation.
During the years the label became reference for musicians and groups and collaborated in the production and promotion of new records and compilations.

Our productions

Each edition of Artisti in Piazza has its own soundtrack, which brings with it all the emotions and fun that we experienced during the days of the Festival.
On our shop you can find all the CDs with the playlists of past editions, along with many other gadgets:

2016 AA.VV “Artisti in Piazza 2016”
2016 Ruben Rojo y Pennabilli Social Club. Ristampa “Cafè y Manì” – “Que te va a gustar?” – “Macondo”

2009  AA.VV “Artisti in Piazza 2009”
2009  John Hed&Nik feat Bioshi Dj “It’s all about making notes”

2008  Ruben Rojo y Pennabilli Social Club “Macondo”

2007  AA.VV “Artisti in Piazza 2007”

2006  AA.VV “Artisti in Piazza 2006”
2006  Ruben Rojo y Pennabilli Social Club “Que te va a gustar?”

2005  AA.VV “Rock a Pennabilli – audio, info e immagini dalla scena musicale underground italiana” (abbinamento editoriale alla rivista Rumore, marzo 2005)
2005  AA.VV “Artisti in Piazza 2005”

2004  AA.VV “Artisti in Piazza 2004”
2004  Ruben Rojo y Pennabilli Social Club “Cafè y Manì”

2003  AA.VV “Artisti in Piazza 2003”

2002  AA.VV “Artisti in Piazza 2002”