Playground / 0-99 years


Friday, June 2
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Workshop on free expression with colors intended for young and old by CelS Ancona

Friday, June 2
2 p.m.

Fabric printing workshop with Antica Stamperia Pascucci

Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4
2 p.m.

Story building workshop for Kamishibai theater and some short stories with Franco Baldoni

  • activities for all ages
  • free
Attività bambini 2023 Artisti in piazza
CaiMercati / Giardinetti / area gioco 0-99 anni / Artisti in Piazza / Pennabilli festival

CaiMercati – street games

A colorful and bizarre play area, where everyone can find a way to have fun… like in the past!

A refined selection of wooden and recycled materials games to stimulate ingenuity and skill of adults and children.

Caimercati is the name of the small mountain village where we live together with our children, other families and old people who have always been here.
We carry around games that we invented or that have always been there, we build them with wood from our forests or with things that we collect and we change streets and squares into new places where everybody meets, party and play.

Tel. +39 333 3511361 / +39 331 3917342

Artisti in piazza 2022 / Cai Mercati
Artisti in piazza 2022 / Cai Mercati
Artisti in piazza 2022 / Cai Mercati
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