Playground / 0-99 years

Artisti in Piazza Festival 2019


Location #2
at Giardinetti in Via Roma


CaiMercati / Giardinetti / area gioco 0-99 anni / Artisti in Piazza / Pennabilli festival

CaiMercati – street games

A colorful and bizarre play area, where everyone can find a way to have fun… like in the past!

A refined selection of wooden and recycled materials games to stimulate ingenuity and skill of adults and children.

Caimercati is the name of the small mountain village where we live together with our children, other families and old people who have always been here.
We carry around games that we invented or that have always been there, we build them with wood from our forests or with things that we collect and we change streets and squares into new places where everybody meets, party and play.

Tel. +39 333 3511361 / +39 331 3917342

Artisti in Piazza 2019 / aree gioco

I’ll tell you a story with the Kamishibai

by Franco Baldoni

Saturday 15 June 16.45-17.15 e Sunday 16 June 18.15-18.45

The term Kamishibai comes from the union of the words “kami” (paper) and “shibai”(theater).

It is a form of narration that originated in Buddhist temples in 12th century Japan, where monks used tables with images to tell their stories to an often illiterate audience.

This narrative technique had its moment of splendor in the years 1920 to 1950 (basically until the advent of television). The Gaito kamishibaiya, or narrator, moved from one village to another with a bicycle on which was mounted the theater and beat two pieces of wood connected by a cable, called hyoshigi, to announce his arrival.

The children who had bought candy from Gaito kamishibaiya could secure the best places in front of him. Once the audience was formed, the Gaito kamishibaiya began to tell his own stories using sheets on which were drawn the various passages of the story…

I tell you a story… wants to get to the hearts and minds of children by making them live the emotion of seeing and listening to a story at the same time and make them travel with the imagination to imaginary and fantastic places…

I tell you a story… wants to invite everyone, young and old, to invent their own story, portray it and tell it…

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