Are you a busker?

Every year we select an official programme of around 40 companies, plus 10-15 additional acts (“OFF”).
If your act or group wants to be part of ARTISTI IN PIAZZA 2018, fill the form at the bottom of this page.
We will check the details and then send you a confirmation E-Mail, which will allow you to enter more information about your show.
If you are already registered on the site and you want to reapply for the 2018 edition, please log in HERE and update at least one fleld in the form.

The groups we select receive either travel expenses or an agreed fee, as well as food and accommodation during the festival.

When we have used up this year’s budget for shows we close the official programme and start devising the timetable of shows.
Usually at this point there are still some good slots remaining for shows, and we allocate those among the artists that we categorise as ‘EXTRA’.
These “EXTRA” artists don’t receive travel expenses or fees, but we do guarantee them accommodation and food during the festival, and the same prominence in the festival programme and schedule as the official companies.

Registration closes on February 28 2018.
We finish the programming by April 30th, but we will let you know as soon as possible if you will be part of the 2018 festival.

Artists who have already sent information by post or by e-mail please also fill in the online form, thanks!
We’re sorry but we can’t guarantee we will be able to reply to everyone who has only EMailed us;
please apply with the online form, thankyou!

If you need to send us hard copy audio or video rather than links or attachments, please post to:

ARTISTI – Artisti in Piazza
Associazione Culturale Ultimo Punto
Via Salita Valentini n. 7

Contact for matters other than artist application:
[email protected] or telephone +39 0541/928003
Clicking on the “send” button, you will receive a username and password to go on and insert other informations.

REGISTRATION FOR 2018 ARE NOW CLOSED!! Thanks to everybody for the massive participation, we will give an anwer to all the appliants at the end of march.

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