La Gabbia della Fantasia / Mostre e installazioni

Edizione 2023

Photo exhibition Il mondo che vogliamo (The World We Want)

Tommaso D’Errico

Theater Vittoria, Grottino

“We live in an age that wants us at all costs against each other, passive, distrustful and sad. Yet there is still room for a different idea of the present and the future when, all together, we work together to stage a better world. Which in Pennabilli happens every day and is amplified during the Festival, thanks to the participation of thousands of people, when the special alchemy of a small community becomes a message that can reach far. This is what I saw in the five days of the Festival: what human relationships should be, a team game where everyone participates and wins.”

– Tommaso D’Errico

Read more about this photography project here.

Mostra Tommaso D'Errico 2023

Antica Ebanisteria

di Juri Montanari

Theater Vittoria, foyer

Verucchio’s ancient Ebanisteria Montanari has more than 80 years of experience. Juri Montanari is presenting in Pennabilli his niche craftsmanship based on Renaissance marquetry: an ancient technique, dating back to the Middle Ages, that had its heyday between the 1400s and the first half of the 1500s and that today, in Italy, only very few are able to practice.

Juri Montanari
0541 679524 / 333 7787012

Jury Montanari / La gabbia della fantasia / Artisti in Piazza Pennabilli festival

Exhibition of leather masks


Foyer del Teatro Vittorio

Out of the theatrical need to be able to work under a mask, there arose the desire and quest to create one of one’s own that could be used on stage. The leather work is done through natural tools such as branches and wood knots, waxes with colored pigments, etc… The characters of the masks can be accentuated by various and different details, such as captains’ hats, tufts or bells. Federico Gargagnano and Alessandra Ceccarelli bring an exhibition of their works to Pennabilli.

Vintage photo with darkroom

by Fioravanti Tiziano 

Various festival venues

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