cappelloscontornato.jpgStreet art (in this case art has the medieval meaning of skill) is an ancient deep-rooted practice. Barter and commerce of arts have always existed, they have remote anthropological roots. “I give you a smile and you may give me a piece of your bread” they said. Street art was a custom in the past but in Italy with a fascist law this cultural practice was considered as begging ’till some years ago. In order to propose a change, in 1997 the municipality of Pennabilli (following other italian cities: e.g. Certaldo, Colmurano, San Giovanni in Persiceto) decided to issue regulations on purpose and to allow street performing. Since 1999, roadsigns at the entrances of the town welcome artists and remember this friendly permission.

Buskers are the protagonists of “Artisti in Piazza” Festival. For them this is a must as well as for the audience.
Artists are recruited all over the world, they bring their arts and culture creating a kaleidoscopic wonderful show that constantly change in the five days.